Yes Bill Clinton, I am PROUD to be a REDNECK:

Yes Bill Clinton,The former President who has a bunch of Woman who claim he raped them, The disbarred Attorney, The Monica sucker, The guy who sold secretes to the Far east so that they can shoot down Satellites for personal gain.

Yes that Bill Clinton. How much did he make or his Wife make off of selling out America?

The above is not what I have ever done. Do you know why?

Because I am proud to be a REDNECK and not YOU. I am proud of the US Military, The US Constitution, The Amendments, ME helping out my neighbors when they need help just because they need help, I go to Church every Sunday, Thank GOD for what I got and the skills I have to build what I got.

I am proud to see my neighbors heart and not their skin color, Their heavy callused hands and a big welcoming smile, I am proud of the local Militias, Our Law Enforcement and out Fire Department. I say a prayer everytime i see them with their lights on going to help somebody. I am proud on the compound I build and what I can do with it without any government help. I am proud to help out our local Animal shelters and a few Animal Vets who help the animals in need for free. I am proud of my town’s Monuments blessed to honor all who we lost fighting for this country. I am proud of my service to this country. I LOVE GOD, Country Music and the Redneck Navy who are my neighbors.

Yes Bill Clinton, I am proud to be a RedNeck, And something you can never be…… AMERICAN

Dierks’s out: This First Amendment artwork is protected by the Second Amendment.

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