Who will DeBozo call to protect NYC?

My heart sinks when I hear anybody in the Military gets KIA. It sank even deeper when I heard of NYPD Det. Lemm ofht e NYPD was KIA. This hurts bigtime. Now I know this piece may get a “Knock on the Compound door” but let me shoot from the heart from here and write. We do have a First Amedment right?

     Det Lemm’s BOSS, Mayor DeBozo who never met a Commie or Terrorist he did not like, Hates the NYPD, Spits on them daily and even has his Homeboy negro son and Wife regularly use the NYPD as their personal Doormats, And I forgot, The NYC Who so left wing , So Uneducated, So They think they are better then everybody else in the world until they break a nail and need the NYPD, Openly HATES and Protests the NYPD, I got something to say to all the supporters of the Mayor:
     We know it’s a matter of TIME that who you openly support, The muslim scum terrorists, Walk into one of your over the top commie supporting art, Opera, or even a Broadway Play and Blow the place up with you or a loved one in it. Who are you going to call? The MAYOR to protect your uneducated ass? LOL What the hell will he do?
     Who are you going to call when during one of your GAY PARADES a muslim terrorists blows himself up?  Tell me who the hell will you call? Your Professor? LOL !
     99% of the UNEDUCATED people in NY voted for this CLOWN named DeBozo. Tell me Who are you going to call when we all know that muslim terrorists will be blowing up a event with people who supported the Mayor who supports Terrorists over the NYPD?
     As NYC Uneducated residents who VOTED for DeBozo will go about their Protests  tomorrow and openly show support to muslim terrorists and their utter hate towards the NYPD who keep them safe, What the hell will you do when the muslim terrorists come looking for you? Who the hell will you call?
     America lost a great AMERICAN who gave his life PROTECTING people. The bend over people who voted for DeBozo will be more upset that their 15 dollar cup of Coffee was made wrong then going out in the streets and protesting in front of any terrorists training camps AKA MOSQUES in NY.
     God Bless you Det. Lemm. I will never forget you or your service to NY or this great country.
Dierk’s Out: This piece is a falls under the First Amendment and protected by the Second Amendment.
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