Who are you going to call when Government attacks?

I get a kick out of how Government expects and even demands that Americans walk on Egg Shells when dealing with them. This is true do to the fact of well armed SWAT TEAMS that almost anybody in Government can use at their beckon call to keep people who are giving them a hard time.  Your Tax Dollars are spent to ensure this and Government on a power trip will enforce this. Now when Americans start and train a like minded group to stand up to BIG GREEDY GOVERNMENT, Government looses their minds because they know that they are not the most powerful group in the “Room’ or  not the”Big man on Campus”.

     Who is going to stop the US Government when they turn their guns on the American Taxpayer? Your local  American Militia. Join your local Militia and support them any way possible. They are your last line of defense from a out of control BIG GREEDY GOVERNMENT.
Dierks’s out. This piece falls under the First Amendment and is PROTECTED by the Second Amendment.
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