White Community must take care of ourselves:

The MSM hates the White Community, So why talk to them?

The White Community must protect outselves and take care of ourselves no matter what the MSM says. The MSM can go fuck themselves as they have been exposed for their anti White Community stance they take.Who the hell says we as the White Community says we must talk to them, Give them interviews or buy what CRAP REPORTING they sell?

Fuck the MSM news reporters as they showed the White Community they are bunch of who they support over the White Community, A bunch of welfare ebt niggers.

Lets see you post this everywhere and never ever stop being proud of your White Skin.

Dierks’s out: This First Amendment ArtWork is protected by the Second Amendment

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American Bad Ass who tells you like it is and not just what the so called "News" wants you to know. We think, Talk and Walk AMERICAN and not your typical unmale soft around the edges, light in their loafers crap. "Just because the "News" is full of pussies, That does not mean I have to be one"! (Dierks quote)

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