What No Other Journalist Will Tell You:

Nobody will tell you this.

Black lives do not matter when they are paid to be terrorists by the government. Have you ever heard one government employee ever tell the negro community to take full responsibility of their baby making, crime loving, terrorists loving anti American actions?

Government just doles out more money to them to support them. Do any negro lives matter when they are almost all acting like pompous niggers?
     Government takes from the WHITE COMMUNITY at the point of a gun and gives it to the blatant irresponsible:
    What happens when NIGGERS make little Niggers? Government rewards them with more Welfare, EBT ect to them so they can stay home and make more little Niggers.
     Where is all their “Baby Daddy’s?” , In jail and then be celebrated for being in jail and looked at them as heroes to the community and think that it’s fine to go to jail or spend time in jail.  Good example is a piece I am working on where the Nigger THUG jumped out of his car 2 cars back and hit a Off Duty Cop in his car till the Off Duty Cop drew his LEGAL FIRE ARM and shot the NIGGER dead.
     Crime to the nigger is cool and takes the replace of being a man. He also brings down any neighborhood he moves into. Where the Nigger goes, Follows CRIME. I bet you Harlem or South Central was nice at one time till the niggers moved in with their hand out, and Government paid them.
     Do you know why nobody in Government will ever anything remotely close to the real truth of niggers? Because they are afraid of being called a racist. Fuck You government because you are FUCKING THE WHITE COMMUNITY to support negro crime and their irresponsibility.
     Government sold out the White Community for personal gain and YOU are paying for it at the point of 2 guns. One from Government because this is how they collect all taxes and the other is from the NIGGERS who Government protects at all costs.
     To the White Community, ARM YOURSELF and get ready for a RACE and Government War.
     Get ready before I tell you I told you so.
Dierks’s out: This First Amendment ARTWORK is PROTECTED by the Second Amendment.
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