What has to happen to stop the Negro THUGS DEAD.

Shoot all the RIOTING and LOOTING Negros and take away all their Government so called Benefits. Do it to every Negro in milwaukee and anyone who has been arrested. Any left DRUG TEST their NEGRO ASSES AND………

Let every Member of the White Community CARRY and Patrol every NEGRO GETTO and with orders to SHOOT TO KILL is ANY NEGRO gives them their Government backed spoiled brat entitled NIGGER attitude. SHOOT THEM ALL until they BEG for forgiveness for all the CRIME that they committed with the help of the US Government.

LET a group of the WHITE COMMUNITY walk into Negro Getto Harlem and make them move their NIGGER ASSES out by any means it takes. Don’t ASK, MAKE THEM and if they shoot at you from a building, BLOCK EVERY EXIT and BURN THAT NIGGER and their friends to the ground, Then move onto the next.

If there where any good Negros out there, They would have stopped their THUG friends from a life of RAP CRIME.

The White Community have been way too nice to them for too many years and the Government will not stop them from ATTACKING the White Community. Simply put, The Government has put a GUN to the WHITE COMMUNITIES HEAD to rob us of our well earned money to give it to NIGGERS on every Government program out there and to BREED little THUGS to attack us.

Who is paying for all of this at the point of a gun? The White Community.

It’s time the WHITE COMMUNITY to take back what Government has stolen from them and clean out every GETTO of every NIGGER and ILLEGAL ALIEN and get their NIGGER ASSES back to their shithole AFRICA. They love Africa so dam mush send them back and see how GETTO they think they are. I do not care if they are shot on site as the plane lands, GET THEIR THUG ASSES OUT OF HERE, And leave the White Community alone.

Dierks out: This First Amendment Artwork is protected by the Second Amendment.

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