US Government Does Not Represent America.

RINO RYAN and the rest of the RINO’s in Congress are a sad bunch of left wing loons. They no longer represent anybody but their checkbooks. There was a time when you represented the TAXPAYER with total honor and loyalty. FULLY KNOWING that YOU are making choices that will affect your constitutes in a negative way and cause them great pain. This use to mean alot when the elected government went back to their normal jobs working their ass off and living like everybody else.  That all changed when government started to have lifetime jobs and they “Forgot” what it was like to be a normal American. They  voted themselves unheard of perks so they can get inside information to make their checkbooks fatter at the expense of the American Taxpayer. They hold the American Taxpayer hostage like they collect taxes, AT THE POINT OF A GUN!.

     What if their families and them  where treated like they treat the Taxpayer and the taxpayer made demands at the point of a gun? We all know they would not like that one bit and would get their own security to stop it. Government employees are the biggest little sissys who think they are tough when government is backing them up but show their true wimpish colors when they are alone.
     Let’s think way out of the box here and think this thru. What if the American Taxpayer treated Government like they treat us? Would they like the Government employee or their families taken away if they did not pay a “Fee” that others set and is collected at the point of a gun? How about a “SWAT TEAM” of American Taxpayers broke into their home and held them till their family paid a fee to be released?
     How about the American Taxpayer just took a family member and held them till the Government employee did what was demanded of them?
     Government would not like it because that would make them on the same level as the American Taxpayer and not the Kings and Queens they think they are.  It is now the American Taxpayer VS. the US Government and the US Government thinks they are in control. Shit’s hitting the fan soon. Remember the Bundy’s.
Dierk’s out. This piece is written under the First Amendment and PROTECTED by the Second Amendment.
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