Trump winning election and what it means to America.

President elect Trump and what it means to the White Community in America and how to stop the attacks.

Trump won! Good news for a change since for the last min. of 8 years the Attack on the White Community and America as a whole is way out of control. Nobody would stand up for us, Not even the so called Media, who had pieces proof read by the Dems before they published any story about Hil or any left wing dem.

It was getting thick as every anti White left wing group got the backing from the Government right down to that what turns out to be, Who she showed her true NY color, That nigger at the DOJ , Who like the nigger she replaced never meet a left wing anti American she did not like and did not support and was ANTI WHITE COMMUNITY. Even when getting every government handout and I bet a free ride thru college, Those niggers still hate America and the White Community who paid for their free ride. Come to think of it, I have not met a Dem or a left wing loon who actually paid for what they got by working and not getting a handout from somebody or a taxpayer.
I knew the shit was going to be bad when the 2 black panther niggers stood outside the polling place in PA and the DOJ NIGGER did nothing about it and only because they where niggers like them BUT we all know if I stood outside a nigger polling place and did that i would not be there more then 5 min.s.

To Government, The White Community are a bunch of Cotton Picker niggers who just want to get along and when does not fit their left wing loon gov backed look of the world , they send out their hit squads to down play the White Communities opinion. You know why ? Let me make this very clear and I hope Government reads this and shit in their elected taxpayer paid depends:

Not enough elected people in Government or their families have not been shot enough, So they do not fear WE THE PEOPLE and think WE THE PEOPLE serve them. Last time I looked WE THE PEOPLE outnumber government bigtime and when we gather to fight and push back government, Government know s their place and runs away. This must happen to Gov’s families directly everytime they try to use their government privilege card. The Government is not here to protect the elected, But they do. They built themselves their own castles at the expense of the taxpayer who is too busy working their ass off to pay way too high taxes that the government uses to pay off their welfare following who do their dirty work.


Government plays fast and easy with your stolen money out of your paycheck every week, They will send out THUGS to put a gun in your face to rob you at the drop of a hat BUT when 5 are then pointed back at them, Government will stand down. The shot callers in Government are never the ones who go breaking down the doors so knowing where they live and who is in their family is very important that the local Militia know.
Simple, Government comes after you, They Militia stops government and if needed , go after Gov’s family to stop the attack. When the attack gets personal, Government hates it because not YOU have something that will level the playing field.

Forming a neighborhood watch within your Militia will give your neighborhood a heads up when Gov comes rolling thru.

Government hates people who fight them back and drop them on their ass.

Now that TRUMP is the elected president, NOW is the time to gather with your Local Militia and be active in it. If you can’t find a local Militia, Start one or contact me and i will use my contacts to find a Unit near you to join.


God Bless America, America Dodged a major left wing loon bullet into socialism. Think Globally, Act Locally and run all dems, left wing loons, illegal aliens and their friends, and muslims out of your town and vote in only Americans.

The future of American is now in your hands, Don’t fuck up the gift of TRUMP becoming President.

Dierk’s out: This First Amendment Artwork is protected by the Second Amendment.

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