Train Your Hands For War.

Make Government Fear You And Be Free.

The writing is on the wall. Government has chosen a side and it is not the American. Government could give a shit about the safety of you and your family as they hide behind TAXPAYER PAID PRIVATE SECURITY that is paid for at the point of a GUN and the hell with you.  What is the American to do since Government looks at the taxpayer as their slaves, and if they “Get out of line”, Government can at will send out one of their many SWAT teams to stop them and “Keep them in line.

     What is the AMERICAN TAXPAYER to do? Train your hands for WAR.
     Just like the Left Wing send their Sons to Ballet Class to learn to be Gay, You and your family MUST train to fight anything that government sends your way. You must learn “Empty Hands” style of Martial Arts to Gorilla Warfare tactics and TRAIN like your life depends on it because it does.  Think I’m nuts? Tell me who are you going to call when Government sends their SWAT TEAMS to FORCE YOU to do what YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO? Please do not give me the weak argument that you do nothing illegal. What will YOU do when something you do becomes illegal? How will YOU stop government?  Do you think a Lawyer would stop a out of control government? If government is out of control, and it is right now, AND something like government supported muslims take over and they say that YOUR WIFE and DAUGHTERS are now their sex slaves? What the hell will you do then when they come for them? Without training, there is no stopping them. Why wish you had the skills and need them when YOU can get the skills and train. Think this is a joke ?  muslims are do that right now and muslim terrorists have a friend in the White House. Do you still think government would protect you? They won’t and I do not care what sell out you voted for. YOU ARE SCREWED and America has changed and there will be no going back.
     How and where do you seek training?
     What I have been doing for many years that I can remember is Karate. Martial Arts are a great way to learn how to take care of yourself without weapons. You will get in great shape and before you know it, You will be in what I call “Fit shape” and keep that way for years. Karate takes practice to learn so going to the Dojo 2 days a week is the Minimum, 3 or more is ideal. Karate does not cost much to learn. You will learn alot about yourself. Go with your family and take class as a family. Learning other styles of Martial Arts will round your skills out.
     Next is join and support your local Militias. Joining one is just as American as Apple Pie. Again train hard. Learn First Aid s much as you can and push your learning here as far as you can go. This will save lives and they could be your families.
     Government fears groups of people who can stop them.  Government fear is your power. Government officials will hate you with a passion BUT will wish they where you, A REAL AMERICAN.
Dierks’s out: This piece is covered by the First Amendment and PROTECTED by the Second Amendment.
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