Time to empty the muslim supporting government trash.

50 plus Gays murdered in Gay NightClub in Orlando by Democrat muslim.

Ever notice how Government is very afraid to call all muslims terrorists? Who the hell else is killing Americans on US soil? Government will not say a peep. It is common knowledge if you look into the backgrounds of Government Elected, You will find boat loads of muslim money paying them to not keep America and Americans safe from muslim terrorists. Government and muslim terrorists are one of the same. Yes US Government and muslim terrorists like the one who just murdered 50 Gays at a Gay night club in Orlando are rejoicing over this and every time a muslim plays Gay Toss off a building. Government will not protect America or Americans BUT will do whatever it takes to disarm Americans so muslims have a easy time taking over the United States.
US Government thinks the Second Amendment is only for them and their family and it is not. It is for all LEGAL NATURAL BORN AMERICANS. Notice how Government will not drop their own security that our tax dollars pay for but expect YOU to? Notice how they have walls around their own homes but hate walls that keep us safe from terrorists?
If you think the US Government is going to listen to a American , You got that so wrong. They do not have time for you or me but have all the time int he world for their criminal friends who are looking to take over America.
What we do need to do to get government to be very afraid of the American and respect us is to make sure they fear for their and their families life every waking second of the day and get them to react by protecting Americans from muslim terrorists and not just at election time.
If not, Mark my words, There will be a shooting way on US Soil. Yes there will be. Be safe and join your local Militia, Train and be safe from Government and muslims that government support.

Government just tossed 50 plus Gays at a Gay nightclub out of the closet and under the bus for personal checkbook gain, So what do you think would stop them from doing the same to America.

Dierks’s Out:This artwork is covered by the First Amendment and protected by the Second Amendment.

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