There is a WAR BREWING:

Fight, Fight back and hit the left hard. Fight like they do BUT STOP THEM DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS and make them PAY for ATTACKING YOU. Their gang will RUN when you drop one. Jump ontop of that one and beat them till they can not move on their own then break every bone in their body.

Start sending a message to all left wing loons in your town and any Minority who government will protect. MAKE THEM FEAR YOU at every turn. Make Government and their family fear you. If Government attacks you with ANYTHING, Attack their FAMILY and they will get the hint. If they call the Cops, Attack another member of their FAMILY. If they are too stupid to do it again, Keep on going and attack another one. Make their family fear you so much they tell their Government employed family member to NOT VOTE they left wing way they vote and to stop targeting TAXPAYER AMERICANS.
If a Politician walks onto your property, Hold them at gun point and call the police and tell them they threaten you and you fear for your life. They will get the message real fast to leave you alone.

Make Government and the Left Wing FEAR for their LIFE at every turn and they will stop.

If your local Government wants to IMPORT TERRORISTS or WetBacks, Tell their family no in a public place and record them and make them uncomfortable anywhere they go.

Wear Camo America and Carry at all times. There is a WAR brewing by the left and protect yourself at all times.

Dierk’s out: This First Amendment Artwork is protected by the Second Amendment.

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American Bad Ass who tells you like it is and not just what the so called "News" wants you to know. We think, Talk and Walk AMERICAN and not your typical unmale soft around the edges, light in their loafers crap. "Just because the "News" is full of pussies, That does not mean I have to be one"! (Dierks quote)

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