The Second Amendment is your Permit.

I do not care what some feel good left wing commie says BUT the Second Amendment is the ONLY PERMIT YOU NEED TO CARRY A FIREARM . Just look at the FIRST AMENDMENT. How many “Permits” do you need for that?  NONE.  So what makes the Second Amendment different?  GOVERNMENT.

     Government wants to control Americans for their own personal gain and if YOU can stop them, They will  loose control of you and YOU become the problem and Government hates free Americans. They will attack you from the safety of their own personal security and send out their enforcers to do their dirty work. What if their enforcers came back in bodybags or their own families where treated like Government treats Americans? Then there is another problem. Government have raised themselves to King and Queen status when THEY WORK FOR THE AMERICAN.

     FireArms even the playing field and keep Americans safe from a out of control government and that is what we have today. If you are not getting ready to defend yourself from BIG GREEDY GOVERNMENT who have chose muslim terrorists and Illegal Aliens over YOU and your family, Well let me tell you that when the shit hits the fan, I TOLD YOU SO.

Government wants to enslave you and wants your firearms. Give it to them behind a wall of lead.

Dierk’s out.
This piece is covered by the First Amendment and PROTECTED by the Second Amendment.

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