The only peaceful muslim is a dead one.

The only peaceful muslim is a dead one. Yes I just said that and to all you left wing loon SJW who just crapped in your thongs, FUCK YOU! Just because YOU enjoy taking it up your ass from your muslim boyfriend and your universities preach it DO NOT MEAN I and AMERICA want it.

You enjoy your muslim friends so much, Complete the experience and move to one of their “Peaceful” Countries and see how YOU are treated, BUT you won’t because you can’t get your Moon penny tea, Your Manny, Peddy and Brazilian, You can’t but unmuslim food, You can’t shave, You can’t smoke your pot,You can’t go out dancing and you can’t wear or be what YOU want to be or guess what ? MUSLIMS WILL KILL YOU!

All you SJW’s out there, Your muslim friends want you dead and you want to replace their favorite goat. Your “Safe Space” is the border of the United States and you being such a big fucking pussy know that. I can’t wait till muslims start blowing up your colleges with your friends in it and the message hits home. I can’t wait till YOU thinking you have some sort of protection and high on yourself run into the wrong person and get your ass beat so bad that you have permanent injuries that stop you from thinking you are a Government backed Lion but a just a sheep and then somebody attacks your ass just like you have done to others who YOU disagree with and think it’s fine to attack them.
Muslims are just like all the SJW’s out there. A bunch of crybabies who think they are special and protected by laws that don’t apply to them.

Watch out muslims and SJW’s out there, YOUR TIME IS UP.

Dierks’s out. This First Amendment Art Work is protected by the Second Amendment.

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