The Cities have been turned into a irresponsible Negro Cesspool

I took a long ride into the what I call the “City” to visit a Home Improvement store to pick up a few things and to shop in general.
As I left the Country and was driving, i can see a change in the area from Country to more like NYC. What I also took notice was who was doing what. While most people in the White Community where at work, I saw most minorties just hanging out and doing nothing. I thought to myself that somebody is paying them alot to be doing nothing. 95% of the “Woman” has many kids in tow and instead acting like a loving mom, They just acted like they could care less for them. All that was important to them was them and trying to out “Negro” each other and make more babies. Again who is paying them to do nothing, Then it dawned on my somebody in Government is making this happen. Somebody told the Negros that it was ok to be Irresponsible and even fashionable to be a fat grossly overweight lazy negro pig.
Who the hell does government represent? It’s not the White Community but the Fat, Lazy, Overweight Negro Pigs I began to see ll just hanging out mid day when they should be working like a normal person in the White Community.

As I pulled into the parkinglot, I found a spot and parked for a few min’s as I adjusted my 1911. I began to see a beat up black SUV driving like a jerk in the parkinglot. I watched them back up many times, Circle, Leave the parking lot then pull in again. I sat tight and noticed it was negros in that suv. I saw movement in another car and watched the passenger side door open up and just dump garbage out of a bag into the parkinglot of the store and drive off. Again a Negro doing this. I sat for 15 min’s and then got out of my Hummer and walked to the store. I got in and overheard somebody from the store saying that the Black beat up Negro driving suv was part of a team of people who shoplift stuff then return it like a refund and say that they do not have a receipt. They do this for drug money. Think the store would hire people to stop this since they are loosing alot of money? No they won’t because they are afraid that the people doing the shoplifting will call them a racist. How fucking sad that a store is more concerned about a bunch of lazy ass NIGGERS who are shoplifting from the store would call them and hurt their coddled feelings instead of doing the right thing and call the local Sheriffs.

All these negros causing all this trouble and instead of doing the right thing, They would rather let is slide.

Who the hell cares about the White Community besides the White Community?

The White Community and not the Government. The White Community must also protect ourselves from the negros who chose to be criminals.
Lock and Load White Community and demand your local government KISS YOUR ASS.

Dierks’s Out: This artwork falls under the First Amendment and is protected by the Second Amendment.

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