Support Your Local Militias.

Support Your Local Militias.

There I said it. Support them and join.  Speaker of the House, Rep RINO Paul RINO Ryan just showed any thinking American that there is NOBODY in Government who represents the American, Who they claim to work for. When you actually read the Omnibus Bill, He, the Speaker of the SCREWED WHAT AMERICA STANDS FOR, Unless you are for muslim terrorists and Illegal Aliens moving into your neighborhood and RAPING your family, Getting every Government program  out there from EBT, Welfare, Section 8 to free education for all their brood of budding uneducated little now Government protected terrorists who will give every US Dollar they get to their local terrorist training camp AKA Mosque or send it back to the CESSPOOL known as Mexico, AND YOU GET THE BILL and if YOU DO NOT PAY IT, YOU get a GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE with a GUN in YOUR FACE who will come to COLLECT or YOU loose everything and go to jail. Think I am kidding? Don’t pay your Taxes and see what happens to you or just look up what the BLM did to the Bundy Ranch.
Speaker RINO Ryan betrayed America. He is no different then any Democrat in office, and he did it for their own checkbook. They screwed America for personal gain. They also showed their true colors.
They did, They showed us who they are and who they think they are and they are far from being better then the typical American. Do not trust them for anything and never trust their word. They are not Americans but traders with power.
They do have power and with just a few phone calls they can make any American’s life hell. Like all Government the first thing they take from you is the ability to fight them, So they will steal your money out of your bank BEFORE you even know there is a problem. They think that is leveling the playing field when it puts them in the advantage. They never lose their money because they are the Government.  They have done it in the past many times and will do it again in the future for one good reason: They never FEEL what YOU are going thru and the PAIN you feel. Let’s say that the Judge who say’s it’s legal for the Government to ROB YOUR BANK ACCOUNT is the person who knocks on your front door and tells you right to your face that he is the one who ROBBED your hard earned money and left your property. We all know that Judges would never do that because they know that the Odds are not in their favor and somebody would assault them, So they keep their inflated ego far away and send a letter or a SWAT team to strike fear in you. The judge and Government work hand and hand and will be safe…….BUT what do you think would happen if you got the name of the Judge and every Government employee and where they live and YOU knocked on their door and let’s say since they took your money, You desire to even the playing field and took the Judge and had the judge themselves call their office and tell them to put back the money into the account and you went and got your money out of the bank before you let the Judge go?  What did you do here? You even the playing field by taking the Judges power away from him and doing what government has done for years, You FORCED them to deal with you on YOUR OWN TERMS.  After you let the Judge go, You better have a dark hole to hide in because the Judge and the Government will lose their minds over YOU protecting what YOU worked hard for and got it back from them who let’s face it, would have given it away.
You better hide and I do not suggest you do the above BUT i can see somebody doing this because Government has pushed the American too far, So far they now have to defend themselves by any means they choose.
You need to join your local Militias. If there is not one, YOU NEED TO START ONE and do it fast.  We as Americans where just showed that Government does not work for Americans by passing the Omnibus Bill but the gave away MILLIONS unpon MILLIONS to other countries who hate us. This money will be collected at the point of a gun by Government. Now it’s US against the Government and they have power unless you belong to a Militias Good example of a unchecked government power is the BLM  and what they tried to do at the Bundy Ranch until they felt the heat of Laser sights on their back and left. It was not the Government who came to the defense of the Bundy’s but American Militias who came to defend the Bundy’s from Government power. BLM packed up their Attitudes and left with their tail between their legs knowing they left because they fear what could happen.  Bundy 1, Government 0.
Being part of a Local Militias is nothing new and if you do a quick search you will find many and I hope some in your area. If there is none, START ONE. Militias are part of American History and there is nothing wrong with them. Hell if you join one and do not like it then join another until you are a member of one that meets your needs. Militias are not illegal like most people want you to believe. They are truely American.
I want you to think this out: Howcome muslims in America can have “NO GO zones” ? Howcome muslims terrorists can have training camps all over the United States and the Government does noting about it?
Militias are your neighbors who can and will be there to help. Just like you must be for them. You never know what over reach the Government will try if you are not there to stop them. Government has their own SWAT TEAMS, Why not Americans for Americans?

Go join and support your local Militia today.

Dierks Out. This piece is covered under the FIRST AMENDMENT and protected by the SECOND AMENDMENT.

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