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It is a sad day that a so called educated NY Judge was looking to put a NYPD police officer who shot a man in a section 8 housing complex. The officer said his firearm went off in the dark stairwell he and his partner had enough balls to patrol to keep the non criminal residents safe int heir own section 8 apartment. His firearm went off and killed a negro baby making making who never had a job but lived very well off the system and living with his “Baby Momma” who was doing the same.

     First things first: FUCK YOU JUDGE. How many times have you acceded a plea to keep criminals out of jail and out of your personal neighborhood?   Fuck you judge and your family and I hope all the criminals YOU let out find your family and bang on your front door to thank you personally. I hope like hell you and your family have to run and fight for your life from the criminals and if YOU pull out a firearm to defend yourself, I hope your family gets in the way.  Hay Judge, When was the last time YOU had enough balls to patrol a Section 8 Housing complex full of criminals with a another Judge?  I bet you never. What the Judge does not understand is that he is the crime problem. He is building up criminals and the judge thinks they will not go after him or his family well because he has some special powers of being a judge. this judge thinks he is special and has some sort of “Bullet Proof” protection around him but does not understand that he will bleed like any other victim of the criminals he let go early.
     Go Fuck yourself judge and I can’t wait till you know how  victim feel personally.
Dierks’s out: This artwork falls under the First Amendment and is PROTECTED by the Second Amendment.
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