Special message to all muslims out there.

To all you muslims out there. Because you REFUSE to stop the terrorism other muslims do, I have a few words for you.


Karma is a bitch and now there is a target on every muslims back. I can’t wait till all mosques start to blow up and every muslim wanna be get their ass kicked then chokes to death on hot dogs and ham.


I can’t wait till muslims just start to drop outside their favorite mosques. Because you are a muslim and again refuse to stop the terrorism, You then are attending a muslim terrorist training camp aka your mosque and when they blow up and are all gone and with you in it, There will be less muslims causing worldwide terrorism and right now a dead muslim is a safe muslim.

Do unto all muslims as muslims do unto you.

Go screw yoiur favorite goat for the last time, Your days are numbered.


Dierks’s out. This piece of artwork is covered under the First Amendment and protected by the second amendment.

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