So MUSLIM TERRORISTS want Christians to pay a tax?

     Do unto others as they do unto you, A EYE for a EYE, A TOOTH for a TOOTH. 

ISIS is demanding Syrian Christians pay a MUSLIM TERRORIST TAX and to HIDE THEIR CHRISTIAN FAITH from all. Sounds like what a local terrorist “civil rights” group does by filing trumped up charges on CHRISTIANS right here in the United States !  They use the US Courts to hide behind, Claiming that TERRORISTS have civil rights, and all they have to do is get a LEFT WING JUDGE to hear the case and they have a winner.

     They do not FEAR CHRISTIANS because of what they believe, so they go after weak fruit and pick. What would you think happen if CHRISTIANS went after MUSLIMS like they do to us? Like the little pussy’s they are, They would run to the courts if CHRISTIANS do to MUSLIMS as MUSLIMS have done to them.

    Christians must impose a MUSLIM TAX on ALL MUSLIMS. This must be collected by a highly trained group of CHRISTIANS who will “Help” Muslims understand the TAX. This money must go towards DEFENDING CHRISTIANS WORLDWIDE from MUSLIMS WORLDWIDE. Let the games began.

Do unto others as they do unto you, A EYE for a EYE, A TOOTH for a TOOTH. 

Dierks Out.
This is covered by the FIRST AMENDMENT and defended by the SECOND AMENDMENT.

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