Snow Violation

It’s snowing out and after getting some work done at the Compound I desidded to listen to scanner frequencies in the NY Area on one of many computers we own.  NY is a left leaning commie strange state. I have visited it a few times. Upstate NY is beautiful wide open farmland. Manhattan aka NYC and Long Island is where the Welfare and Illegal Aliens live and where most of NY also live and use their bought vote to keep it hopeless left wing. Give a person lifetime Welfare and they will vote for you everytime. When you see this, You can understand why there is no business left in NY. Business are taxed to death along with the working NYers.

     So who is left to TAX the hell out of? People who work. I was listening to a frequency in Long Island when I heard a Town Employee say send over “Code Enforcement” for a car parked in front of a home in the street for a “Snow Violation”.
     Right now as I write it is snowing in the North East and heavy. We got it here at the Compound. I kept on listening to the scanner and I hear about 20 min’s later how a “Code Enforcement officer” has ticketed a car parked in front of their home for being out in the show on the street.  What will happen is that the owner will have to go to Court and have a talk with the Judge on why their car is parked on the street during a snow storm. Long Island taxes are so high that the roads should be paved with gold, and they are not. People keep on voting themselves tax increases because of the NY generous Welfare handouts. The taxpayers have no say in lowering the  taxes as the Welfare base will just override their vote. Government is now stretched thin due to mismanagement of funds so they go after people who work for extra funds to give to their welfare voting block, to keep them in power. Code Enforcement Officers are nothing more then a shake down crew from government to make the government money. The taxpayer gets screwed again while the Welfare slaves can live like a king. People on Welfare’s job is to make more little Voters at Taxpayer’s expense and there is a reward of extra money per child. They system is rigged and not in the taxpayer’s favor.
     Now what if the owner of the car confronted the “Code Enforcement Officer”on his property by knocking on the Town Employee’s home door to talk about the ticket and make demands of their own?  We need more government employees FEARING the TAXPAYER then fearing the Welfare crowd.
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