Sniper Training and Guerrilla Warfare will save America.


     Let’s see: Government has supported and paid Illegal Aliens to come in and invade the United States and even raised your taxes to pay them to do so, and the same thing is going on with the muslims who are “Fleeing” muslim controlled land to be invited to America to not blend but to DOMINATE America. They have no plans on being Americans and leaving islam but to come and change America into the cesspool they left.
     Government has invited them in and not to live in government employee’s own home but moving them into section 8 and every government welfare handout program for them to live on taxpayer dime. You go to work everyday while muslims are getting time to make more little terrorists, on your dime and your taxes are collected at the point of a gun. You get treated like shit by government while illegal aliens and muslims get treated with kid gloves.
     There are a few reasons for this. Mail reason is that government thinks they are better then you and YOU work for them power trip. Government does not live in the real world like Americans. Forget the 2 party system, They all sold you out for personal gain. Now they are looking to stay in power by importing terrorists into America. Follow me here. These same groups besides having government protection, have formed intimating groups who will attack anybody who speak their mind.  I say FUCK THEM and anybody in government who protects them. At the drop of a hat they all come running out to protest something. What the hell do they do for a living that they can protest and their boss gives them time to do it? They don’t have a boss as they get paid thru welfare programs to protest you the American who government is screwing to get more taxes from you that is collected at the point of a gun. Now let’s just say YOU had a intimating group that was large and you protested everywhere government went, They may listen to you BUT would call you a racist to get you to shut up. I say FUCK THEM, They work for the American.
     American Government is out of control and will do whatever they feel like it as long as it puts money into their hands somehow. They do not care and I have seen this first hand in Hancock NY where muslim terrorist have a training camp and are training future terrorists to attack America and Americans all over. Government does not care for anybody except for themselves.
     Want to get government’s attention real fast? With all the muslims who have not been screened or even fingerprinted being invited into America by government, How about listing public  all government’s home addresses so that the muslims can thank them and their family personally for inviting unvetted muslims into America?  How do you think Government will react when Sally at College is being followed by muslims fully knowing that her government employee family member imported them in and if she calls the cops she will be labeled a racist?  How about little jimmy being attacked by muslims for sex?  Government does not like living in the real world like Americans have to do every day.  Government and their families hate it when you follow them with cameras to record them like they do to Americans. They hate it because they know they will get caught doing something the do not want the public to know about and it will leak out. It’s even alot more fun following their kids who think they are above everybody and have some sort of “Power” and respect over others when you catch them committing crime.  Great to catch and share that all over !
     Government has gone so out of their way to make America like the rest of the world then keep it better then everybody else that they will do anything to stop Americans from taking back America from their power, Including attacking peaceful ranchers. Just look at all the SWAT TEAMS government has. Who is your SWAT TEAM ? Your local Militias. You support them.
     You want to save America from Government? When Government attacks, Sniper Training and Gurillia Warfare will save America.
Dierks’s Out. This piece is covered under the FIRST AMENDMENT and PROTECTED by the SECOND AMENDMENT.
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