Raped By Negros.

A WHITE PREGNANT PASTOR’S WIFE was GANGED RAPED and MURDERED by 2 NIGGERS. Not that the main stream media so called news outlets would report this BUT this is what happened.    This is not the first time I have heard of the Main Stream Media COVERING for CRIMINAL NIGGERS.  This happens all the time. 13 % of the population committing 98 % of the crime.  Niggers are getting a FREE RIDE with all the special programs for them from Government to all their programs, shows, groups ect. Have you heard of a White McDonalds Owners group? How about a White Entertainment Television?  I do not want to go on but use your favorite search engine and just take a look for yourself.

The Main Stream Media and Government have bent over backwards for the Criminal NIGGERS to the point when they get arrested and do any investigating on your own, You discover that the Criminal NIGGER has 30 Arrests before they MURDERED somebody. Criminal NIGGERS wormed their way into everything to TILT everything in their favor. You name it, A NIGGER gets a free ride due to their skin color. There is NOTHING a NIGGER in the eyes of Government and main stream media a NIGGER can do wrong. The MSM will go out out of their way to HIDE the COLOR of PERPS and bury it in the back page somewhere. The Government and MSM SUPPORT CRIMINAL NIGGERS over peaceful White Community.  When the White Community fights back, The MSM will make them look bad instead of REPORTING THE FACTS of the story.

Now did you hear about the GANG RAPE OF A PREGNANT PASTOR’S WIFE AND MURDERED by 2 CRIMINAL NIGGERS from the Main Stream Media? I don’t think so and you won’t. Now you know why.

Dierk’s Out.

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