Queers drew FIRST BLOOD with help.

First Amendment time:

When you do not stop a bully, They push a victim around to see how far they will go till they push back. Bullies are wimps. They tend to lean on others to BULLY people around and will go after the WEAK and not anybody who will knock them on their GAY ASS. FAGS have set their sights on CHRISTIANS because of most do not want a confrontation and do not want to fight. I’m a CHRISTIAN and I LOVE TO FIGHT.  If you think somewhere in the BIBLE it says I must not defend myself from THE ATTACKING FAGS, You have another thing coming. ANYBODY who ATTACKS YOU in any way is still a ATTACK and are looking to KILL YOU. This is the only way to look at the FAGS ATTACKING AT WILL THE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY.  You must FIGHT BACK or they will RAPE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

If GOD wanted to you to be a doormat, He would have made you one. Being a CHRISTIAN does not make you a  DOORMAT. You came into this world KICKING AND SCREAMING COVERED IN SOMEONE ELSE’S BLOOD, So way not, IF HAVE TO, Leave that way and DEFEND YOURSELF from the ATTACKS FROM THE FAGS? I don’t care about FAGS SCREAMING like the spoiled brat silver spoon rich children they are. Yes, It’s funny as hell to see it happen when a FAG MAN goes out of his way to see how he can ‘OUT GAY’ another and the same thing to the LESBO’S.  Ever see ADULT LESBO’S trying to look like TEEN BOYS?

They drew first blood. I don’t care if HARM COMES TO THEM that stem from their own actions. If a FAG GETS IN YOUR FACE, Tell them once to BACK THE FAG OFF and if they continue, KNOCK THEM ON THEIR ASS AND BEAT THEM TILL THEY ARE NO LONGER A THREAT TO ANYBODY.  QUEERS like to Gossip and it word will travel fast in their AIDS INFECTED CIRCLES,  And they will think twice. I don’t want to hear how their favorite AIDS BREATHING GROUND got struck by lightning and burned to the ground. That ACT OF GOD would be saving lives and saving MOLESTED CHILDREN that the CHICKEN HAWKS IN THE FAG COMMUNITY LOVE TO MOLEST, From AIDS.

If you see a FAG LOOKING AT CHILDREN, CALL THE POLICE. You never know and knowing that the FAG COMMUNITY is HIGHLY ATTRACTED TO HAVING SEX WITH CHILDREN, You may be stopping a UNDERGROUND CHILD MOLESTING RING.  Don’t believe me? Have you ever noticed how FAGS like to dress like LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS? The FAG COMMUNITY is LOADED WITH CHILD MOLESTERS THEY PROTECT. They call themselves ‘CHICKEN HAWKS” and the CHILDREN THEY MOLEST, “CHICKEN”. The MSM will not report this because they will protect FAGS. A FAG FAMILY with Kids MAY be MOLESTING THEM, Call the CPS to file a report to ‘JUST TO MAKE SURE” they are not.

If YOU own a BUSINESS, Tell them you are BOOKED SOLID and can’t take on any new work.


dierks out.



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