Poverty is a negro problem they bring on themselves.

Irresponsible negros are they poverty problem and they bring it on themselves.

Poverty is a negro problem they bring on themselves.

Yes I just said what MSM or Government will not say. NEGROS are the poverty problem they bring on themselves, and the proud White Community has nothing to do with NEGRO CHOICES THEY MAKE.
Good example is when you see NEGROS having kids and still in Middle school or High School. Can anybody tell me how the hell this WHORE is going to pay or raise her kids? What NEGRO knocked her up? Why should the White Community get the bill? here is why and MSM will not ever dare to say:

98 % of all NEGROS are IRRESPONSIBLE and UNEDUCATED. Again you will never hear this from Government who collects their money for the growing negro problem at the point of a gun when they know they are collecting from a member of the White Community.

It is in the 98% of NEGROS DNA to be irresponsible and go on every government dole program and they are almost all designed for the NEGROS. You name it, There is a negro welfare program for them BUT NEVER A PROGRAM for the WHITE COMMUNITY but collecting the negro government program money at the point of a gun.

Government employees will do anything to keep their elected job and that is including making all negros slaves to government programs and with the help of the MSN.

Be PROUD of your WHITE SKIN and DEMAND RESPECT from all because of it. YOU the WHITE COMMUNITY are who pay the taxes government collects at the point of a gun to pay for the IRRESPONSIBLE NEGROS who breed like rabbits for more money from government, and who are NEVER HELD RESPONSIBLE for THEIR OWN BREEDING HABITS and BAD CHOICES in their life.

Dierk’s Out: This artwork is covered by the First Amendment and PROTECTED by the SECOND AMENDMENT. You don’t like what I say, You can KISS MY AMERICAN ASS.

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