Paris will happen in the United States.

Terrorist muslims struck again in GAY Paris France. This will happen in the United States soon. This is in the works by muslims and if you think otherwise, You better get rid of Government Security who carry Fire Arms who are paid to protect you and educate yourself or Step down from your Government job and live like a Normal American. This is coming to America. They want Americans dead and will try to do it. Government employees will do anything to make this happen here, INCLUDING IMPORTING TERRORISTS into the United States for PERSONAL GAIN. Yes Government is actively working with terrorists and paying groups who lobby Congress to IMPORT THEM and PAY THEM VIA WELFARE and other “Hand outs”.  This is one of the reasons why Government hates the Second Amendment. Government does not want YOU to protect yourself from muslim Terrorists or their hand picked chosen dark skinned criminals.

 GOVERNMENT WANTS YOU DEAD. Just look at everything they do behind their personal security that they do not want you to have. They want Government to bully AMERICANS to be their VOTING SLAVES and keep them in power, So they will support all muslim terrorists in their vision of destroying America.

Americans stand in the way and that is the way it was designed to be to stop a Commie Government from taking over FREE AMERICA. Government’s job gets mush harder when FREE AMERICANS practice their SECOND AMENDMENTS. This is why I carry at all times.   By me Carrying at all times I SLOW DOWN and STOP Government from their BULLY FORCE.  Government hates that because they can not just have their WILL with me. It puts ME a AMERICAN equal with any Government power they try to have. I have a GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO PROTECT MYSELF. Here lies the Government problem and why they side with terrorists: They think they are the GOD, and they are not.
With me practicing my SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS I am FREE OF Government backed protection and free to protect myself and STOP Government backed muslim terrorists when they or any Government terrorists strike.

Government and their friends , muslim terrorists want you the AMERICAN DEAD to keep them in POWER. FUNNY thing is that muslims will come from them and their families too and Government is so FAT and BLOATED with what they think is POWER, They do not even care about their families but only themselves. John Kerry Heins is a perfect example. He SOLD OUT AMERICA and gave NUKES to IRAN who everyday chants death to America, So his spoiled brat daughter can marry a IRANIAN. Screw him because he screwed the United States  and I hope the First NUKE that goes off takes out his family. He don’t care about mine, Just his. I do’t care about him or his friends BUT we all know he PERSONAL GAINED by his deals with IRAN.

Government will never be your friend so protect yourself from them and muslim terrorists at all times.

Dierks Out.
This piece is covered by the FIRST AMENDMENT and PROTECTED by the SECOND AMENDMENT.

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