One TYPICAL New York “Reporter”.

I have a few satellites that I get the chance to get raw news feeds from a bunch of “News Reporters”. I get the chance to watch between commercials and ect. I love watching the news feed out of the Cesspool of New York. What a load of crap is reported each day from there it’s sad how many fall for their Bull Shit. One bull shit artist I like to call the “Litter Box”. He is very proud of him being a overgrown child and a general pussy. He is even proud that he went to college instead of being a man and enlisting in the Military during Viet Nam. On this left wing pussy child’s facebook, He posts his anti Viet Nam look and protects. He was a Theater Major so that should say it all. A left wing loon who like men, Saved by his mommy’s money to keep his commie ass out of the Military who PROTEST the Viet Nam war and I am sure, The BRAVE MEN and WOMAN who served to keep his spoiled brat gay ass safe. This “Man” who sits in front of a camera in NY and on this SHITHEADS “Socaial” sites, He/She shows off his look of being a Hippie like a badge of honor. If he had a real man for a Father, He would have beat the living shit out of him for protesting the War and the Military.

This nothing but a punk Woman trapped in a Man’s body will hide behind his security every chance he gets when he /she runs his cocksucking left wing mouth off. It’s sad how he is anti Second Amendment while he hides behind his armed security, BUT believes in his First Amendment rights.

This is just one of many, many “Reporters” out there who hate America and YOU, The true Americans out there who do not think like him and his Welfare ebt and Illegal Alien followers.

Dierk’s out: This Artwork falls under the First Amendment and is protected by the Second Amendment.

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American Bad Ass who tells you like it is and not just what the so called "News" wants you to know. We think, Talk and Walk AMERICAN and not your typical unmale soft around the edges, light in their loafers crap. "Just because the "News" is full of pussies, That does not mean I have to be one"! (Dierks quote)

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