Nobody respects a doormat.


Some people think that a group that is known for being a door mat is fair game to attack. BUT what do you think would happen if this group stopped being a door mat and stopped hiding in the corner and struck back hard? They would get respect. If somebody is assaulting you YOU DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TURN THE OTHER CHEEK but FIGHT TO KILL. Go ahead and quote me on that. This is what I practice and do. You attack me I will defend myself till I feel the threat to my life is no more, and not what some left wingnut says when I should stop. You spit on me, That is a assault and I will defend myself how I FEEL FIT. Don’t go crying to the COPS you got hurt assaulting me. I have every GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO DEFEND MYSELF FROM ASSAULT FROM ANYBODY. You assault me I will defend myself and not till YOU beg me to stop till I stop. Never trust anybody who is assaulting you. There is no ‘FAIR FIGHT” but when defending yourself from assault, A fight is to the end. This is your GOD GIVEN RIGHT to PROTECT YOURSELF from ASSAULT.

If QUEERS enter your Church and start protesting, Your Church is under a TERRORIST ATTACK and YOU MUST DEFEND THE CHURCH at all costs. The QUEERS enter the Church and DISRUPT SERVICES, YOU and YOUR FAMILY is under TERRORIST ATTACK and YOU MUST DEFEND THEM AT ALL COSTS. Do not care if a few QUEERS get hurt, Attack them like they ATTACK YOUR FAMILY. Stop them then DRAG THEM OUT OF THE CHURCH and dump them at the curb and go back to the service and pray for them.

If your Church does not want to see the reality of Queer Terrorist attack on the Church and refuses to plan for such a event, Change your Church.

The ASSAULTS are coming, Get ready.

This falls under the FIRST AMENDMENT and protected by the SECOND AMENDMENT. Dierks Out.

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