muslims + Government= American Problem.

Have you ever noticed that muslims are all “the big man on campus” when with a group of them and getting Government protection BUT are just a bunch of COWARDS  who hide behind the protection of US Government , woman and children? Cowards and every last one of them are cowards and US Government will protect their “Rights” over any American VET or American.

     Since US Government will not protect Americans on US soil, I will say this: muslims, if you screw with my family, Livestock and Animals, I will find you. US Government has turned their backs on the American so now we as Americans MUST PROTECT OURSELVES FROM muslims, Any and all muslims , at any time. Government chose them over Americans. Just look at all the terrorist training camps all over American that the US Government is doing nothing about. Why did I have to travel to Handcock NY to see with my own eyes their terrorist training camp? Do you think I want to “Camp Out” in the woods of Handcock NY nd watch with my own eyes training going on? How about when they tried to find me using FLIR? US Government is protecting them.  Guess what muslims, My compound is a “No GO Zone” just like you have in St. Paul and Detroit.
     Government has not chopped off my Nuts and I have a very big pair. You screw with my family, livestock, my farm or me, I will find you.
Dierks’s out. This is covered by the First Amendment and PROTECTED by the Second Amendment.
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