muslims ATTITUDE problem.

Muslims ATTITUDE problem.

muslins like almost all immigrants who come to the Holy Country of United States always bring their “We are better then you” attitudes with them. They even live by them. Just look how they carry themselves daily when in the United States. They think LAWS are not for them but Americans and they being muslims can do whatever they want because a child molester said so. Government looking for cheap votes , offers them every government program designed for Americans s a bribe to get the pig muslims who breed like rabbits to vote for them. Government picks muslim terrorists over Americans.
     Now with muslim terrorists having Government protection, muslims gone wild comes about and nobody stops them for fear of muslims calling Government racist. Government will  not say this but FUCK YOU MUSLIMS and I hope you CHOKE ON PORK. I hope your “Wife” takes off her “Hefty Bag” or somebody takes it off of her and I hope just like muslims do, I hope a band of Americans catch you and council you like the Russian did recently to muslim men who attacked woman in a night club in Russia. Funny how when they saw that the Russian MEN where not going to put up with their shit, They tried to RUN ! What a bunch of little girls. They dish it out BUT can’t take it, and then they hide behind their Government Protection.
     In order to have Peace for your family YOU MUST HAVE WAR. You don’t train for Peace like governments demand you do, YOU TRAIN FOR WAR and keep your skills sharp. Help your family and friends train for WAR. Muslims want to RAPE YOUR FAMILY. I call this a ALL OUT WAR. God did not make you to be a door mat. If he wanted YOU and YOUR FAMILY to be a door mat, He would have made you one.
     muslims want hell, YOU MUST GIVE IT TO THEM of they will make YOU and YOUR FAMILIES LIFE HELL WITH GOVERNMENT PROTECTION. Government has TAXPAYER PAID PROTECTION and do not care about you or your families life, JUST THEIRS.
     What can you do? You can train for War and since Government is IMPORTING muslims and putting them on Government Welfare Programs of all sorts and RAISING YOUR TAXES THRU THE ROOF, Let the muslims know where any government employees live so they can thank them personally for importing them in. Why not? Your Government will hide from you but can’t hide from the PC muslims they IMPORTED into the UNITED STATES to RAPE YOUR FAMILY. If they did, They would be called RACISTS and nobody in Government wants to be called RACISTS. Government SOLD YOU OUT for cheap votes.Help muslims thank them and their families no matter where they live.
    If Government Employees do not like it happening to them, May I suggest they do not import muslims then?
Dierks’s Out:This piece is covered by the First Amendment and PROTECTED by the SECOND AMENDMENT.
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