muslims are “Asking for it”.

After the muslm “Refugees” entered Germany crime went up. No matter where they muslims go, Crime goes up and Woman are attacked. Russia has it right. Recently a group of muslims went into a Russian club and started to attack the woman who where out to have a enjoyable night and not be molested  by muslims. They did not stop the attack till REAL RUSSIAN MEN showed up, Closed off all exits and beat every last muslim HIDING in the club. A few muslim “Men” tried to make a run for it buy where caught and went to the head of the line and got their beating. Good job by the Rushian men PROTECTING the Woman from attack, and THANK GOD for them.

     A funny video popped up of Russian Street Fighters beating the SHIT out of muslim “Men”. This was funny as hell to watch as the muslims who where thinking they where bad asses has their ASS handed to them. Loved watched then cover up to protect themselves and beg for mercy. Something a gang of muslims never seem to offer their victims. I loved the Video for all the right reasons and knowing this will be coming to America as RINO RYAN funded IMPORTING muslims into America.  Keep in mind that Congress will not have to live next to them or put up with the muslim shit they will cause, SO to help muslim imports THANK CONGRESS, Please post your local Government’s home addresses. Congress won’t mind because they IMPORTED THEM HERE and they would enjoy the thanks from muslims for their hard ANTI AMERICAN WORK.
     One of the muslims favorite saying after a group of them attack a Woman, They always say “They ASKED for it”. How sickening is that.
     Muslims are ASKING FOR IT. Government will try to protect them more then they protect them already BUT muslims ARE ASKING FOR IT and they will get it.  Congress got the FUNDING from RINO RYAM to IMPORT the criminals to attack Americans and it is TIME AMERICAN MEN STAND UP TO THEM and BEAT EVERY muslim who HARMS A WOMAN on US SOIL. Beat their asses so bad they can’t wipe their ass or pray. Beat their ass so bad their own goat does not know them. Beat their ass so bad that their terrorist training camp thinks they are anew member.  Follow them and beat their ass no matter where they run to. They will run and hide behind Government who IMPORTED THEM here so it’s Americans VS.US bought and paid for Government.
     It is YOUR JOB to make all muslims fear Americans. Do it any possible as they are not your friend. muslims are nothing more then PIG SCUM who have friends in US Government.
     Go fourth and PROTECT THE WOMAN of AMERICA by any means you need to stop muslims from attacking them. I will support you.
Dierks’s out. This piece is covered by the First Amendment and protected 24/7 by the SECOND AMENDMENT
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