Muslim Government does not work.

Muslim Government does not work.
By Dierks Sterling

So the so called “news Media” decided to attack people who Love thy neighbor as they self and support the actions of PIG MUSLIMS worldwide who enjoy Raping kids and killing people, I got one thing to say to you:

You have no Balls.

Today’s news media has not left the Junior High level and will go out of their way to use their print power over uneducated people to hammer home a idea that will give support for a big leftist government, Who somehow would never lived under a big leftist government. The typical leftist media thinks they belong to a special group and they are the in crowd and that rules do not apply to them. How many support the President’s “Affordable Care Act” who will not be living and using it? Do you think they would be living in a Leftist government here in America? A leftist government is for others and not for the Media. Just like their support for Muslims worldwide RAPING CHILDREN and KILLING non Muslims. What will they do when Muslims start kidnapping members of the media and kill them for sport on US Soil? That day will soon come. The media will freak out and will do anything to blame somebody from the right and talk radio and never look in the mirror and blame themselves and accept what they have helped create.

The Leftist Media has no balls.

Will they blame Talk radio when Muslims start to bomb Colleges on US Soil ? What have the news media done to support WOMAN in Islam? When have they went to a Terrorist Training camp known as a Mosque on US SOIL and protest? The Nazi Organization for God Awful Woman would never protest something they support.

Just like the woman, Gays will be murdered by the media support of Muslims, But will the Leftist Media say that?

The News Media has no Balls.

This piece is protected under the FIRST AMENDMENT. If you do not like it, You can kiss my American Ass.

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