Make muslims FEAR Christians

Another Christian landmark has been lost to muslims.  The Ancient Iraqi Monastery was blown up by ISIS supporting muslims. Muslims reasoning? They hate Infidels and anything that is “Infidel” in their eyes will be destroyed. muslims blow up anything that is American or non muslim.  muslims attacking Christians is nothing new and have been going on for years with IMPUNITY and when somebody fights back, Government protection goes after anybody who defends Christianity. Christians have brought this on themselves a bit.  Can anybody tell me where in the Holy Bible it says NOT TO DEFEND YOURSELF from ATTACK? Who told Christians not to defend themselves? Can anybody tell me why Christians should not defend themselves from any attack from any terrorist?  Let me make this perfectly clear. I am a Christian and if attacked I will fight for my life and defend myself from any attack from anybody.  I will also defend anybody who is being attacked by anybody that is around me or my loved ones. This is how GOD would want you to be. If God wanted you to be a doormat, He would have made you one.

     Government wants Christians to be doormats and not Christians. Government Will only pull out Bible Verses when they feel that Christians will fight back. When Christians fight back, Government loses their minds. Government thinks they are God. Government is not God. Government is Man, so Government not wanting any roadblocks to them controlling you and making you their slave, They will put out misinformation in the MSM and the MSM eat this up. Government thru their friends in MSM will do and say anything to control Christians. God controls Christians.
     So just how should Christians fight back?  Any way they see fit. Do not let others define your Christianity, YOU DEFINE CHRISTIANITY. You make others FEAR your Christianity and do not lets others tell you how you should act.
     Now “Do unto muslims as muslims have done to Christians”. Need I say more? Go forth and do your Christian duty and DEFEND CHRISTIANITY and make all muslims fear you.
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