Make Government Scared As Hell of the White American Community!

What this country needs is a few scared as hell family members of Government before any real change is going to happen. Afraid to say the truth? Government only respects FORCE and since they support Criminals and Illegal Aliens in the United States, We as White Americans, are under attack. When have you saw a positive White Community media piece besides here? The MSM has been attacking the White Community under the direction of the Government elected for years so much in fact it has become second nature to them. Government has MSM back because MSM has their back and the only language they respect is fear.
This has to stop and by any means it takes to get them to RESPECT the White Community. Why not follow around them and their families with cameras? Why not publicly embarrass them and their families? If you know any dirt on Government , why not publish it? Do you think Government would stop sending out their THUGS to stop you just because you are nice? we all know the answer to that is no. Government has this built in idea that they and their families are safe from the Americans who they hate.

We as the White American Community have let Government treat us like shit for their political gain when we hold the cards and not them. We also have the First Amendment and we have the Second Amendment to defend us from attack by Government. If government or MSM goes after the White Community, WE MUST GO AFTER THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES and then it would stop.
Start locally by starting your own White Christian group or Militia and remember to be there for them as your group will be there for you. If you go to town or county meetings , Go as a group and bring embarrassing info and proof of the Government employees there as AMMO, We all know they will see your skin color and think they have free rain to attack you unless you shut them up. They attack you, You attack them and their families. My favorite is personal information about their families. The stuff they think nobody should know. Photos work great or who their daughter or son is getting drunk at school with. This will shut them up BUT they will attack you by any means it takes unless YOU fight back as a group. This is one of the reasons why I support the Second Amendment. Without the Second Amendment, There would be no First Amendment.

Fight on my White Community Brothers and Sisters and spread the good news of the White Community.

Dierks’s out: This First Amendment artwork is also protected by the Second Amendment.

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