Left Wing Government claims 2 in Brentwood

In the Compound I have a few satellite set ups I built to pick up free raw news feeds from the so called MSM. I heard about a story where 2 young Negro girls where found murdered in New York on Long Island, In a town called “Brentwood”.

All the news paints the town as “Working Class Immigrants” and “Blue Collar”and that is when it peaked my attention. I poked around to find out that the town is over run by ILLEGAL ALIENS, Hip Hop NIggers and their gangs. Their Congressman caters to the ILLEGAL ALIENS, Protects them and wipes their WETBACK ASS. There is even outpost from Mexico there to hand out get out of deportation free cards, Sign them up on Welfare and how to avoid laws and where to find protection in the media.

Brentwood is loaded up with welfare, ebt and off the book working people who avoid laws and taxes. Crime is out of control. English is not heard and the streets are filled with signs in cesspool spanish.

Guess who is paying for all of this?YOU the TAXPAYER!
Guess who runs the town? DEMS.

Getting back to the Negro Girls. Anybody living in that town is supported by the government and 98 % never worked a day in their life and breed babies faster then rabbits. They worship RAP MUSIC and the “Gangstas”, Drugs, and Big government welfare ebt checks ect.

As the news is going crazy making up the story and not telling the true picture of the town called “Brentwood” NY, None of them will ever say what killed them but I will. Their left wing, Illegal Alien supporting, Welfare, EBT big government loving government did, The Hip Hop Honeys where also killed by Rap music.

In closing, When the Niggers yank up their gayness saging and bagging pants like the Gay hookers in jail wear, When they shut the hell up and go to work…….Nah this will never happen. Till then, LOCK and LOAD Long Island.

Dierks Out: This First Amendment artwork is protected by the Second Amendment.

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