Kim was not robbed.

So KIm got robbed? Am I suppose to give a dam about a bitch who has done nothing in her life that has value? Who loves niggers “From the HOOD” who can’t take the HOOD?, Who ‘s nigger’s lowlife claims to be and live in “Da Hood” and has millions in jewelry kicking around? What “Hood” is he and his nigger wife living in to think they are from the “Hood” ?
How about this: Do you think nigger Kim is walking around with millions in jewelry without security from the “hood” ?
Howcome she was not shot? Besides doing us all a favor but howcome she was not shot, raped or beaten up?

You want to know WHY?

It was STAGED. It was all marketing for her and her nigger baby daddy.

niggers will always be niggers and she and her nigger “Baby Daddy” are just flat out niggers.

What did you expect from 2 niggers?

Dierks’s out: This First Amendment Artwork is protected by the Second Amendment.

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