Islam is not a Religion of Peace.

It is not and FAR FROM IT. Can anybody name another religion that calls for Raping Children, Cutting off heads and Beating woman? For the life of me I can not find one that does that.  Island sucks and I am not afraid to say that. I know the Left is going crazy right now BUT because the Left are a bunch of PUSSYS does not mean I am one. Just because the Left would rather take it up the ASS does not mean I do nor will I ever. I return fire and fight back and I support and practice the Second Amendment everyday no matter where I go.  I as a  AMERICAN automatically makes me BETTER then GOVERNMENT who hides behind their own personal security.

America, Government supports muslim terrorists and Not the American. You are on your own.


Tell your friends you read it here and spread the word of LOCK AND LOAD.

Dierk’s out. This piece is covered by the First Amendment and Protected by the Second Amendment.

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