Islam does suck.

Islam does suck. Another terrorist attack and not a single protest from muslims begging for forgiveness from Americans. Not a peep. As far as I am concerned, ALL MUSLIMS SUPPORT TERRORISM. EVERY SINGLE MOHAMMAD GOAT FUCKING CHILD MOLESTING one of them.  They are not your friends and stay far away from them. US Government will protect them so do not go and burn down any mosques because  musilms can not do any wrong and the president is one of them.  Do not go and “Educate” any of them, BUT DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON THEM and if they ATTACK YOU or any AMERICAN, YOU must fight like hell and STOP THEM AT ALL COSTS.

muslims are here to RAPE your family and America. Government will support them. Government has 24/7 taxpayer protection. YOU as a American have the Second Amendment.

This will escalate as the muslims see the president’s lack of action as a sign they are winning. The president does not care because his family is safe BUT what will be happening next due to the ramping up of muslim terrorism is human  bombers on Government Employees and their families. This is our future. Soon I am sure that the muslims will be sending out the human bombers out to follow Government Employees and their families and blowing themselves up.  What will Government do then? They will do what Government does best, They will only protect themselves, BUT the cat will be out of the bag. I am sure they will attack Colleges this way too.  It is a known fact that the muslims have terrorist training camps on US Soil and the Government has been looking the other way rather then do the NON PC THING and break them up.

Government does not protect people, The Second Amendment does.

Dierk’s out. This piece is covered under the FIRST AMENDMENT and PROTECTED BY THE SECOND AMENDMENT.

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