I’m DONE with IRAN

I am done with IRAN and all their supporters.  I’M DONE ! Blatantly unmanly John Kerry Heins who claims to work for the US Government, is giving IRAN NUKES when they said they will NUKE WASHINGTON 10 min.s after they get them. It is very clear that GOVERNMENT WORKS FOR THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS and not the US TAXPAYER. They think the AMERICAN TAXPAYER is STUPID and put them in POWER to be a SLAVE MASTER to tell us what to do with our own money.

Because they think they are all KINGS and surround themselves with yes men, THEY LOST THEIR BALLS TO BE A AMERICAN! Remove their TAXPAYER SECURITY and watch a different side to them.

This lack of AMERICAN BALLS will get us killed. JOHN KERRY HEINS has no balls but a BROWN NOSE. He has no clue how to deal with people. He just wants POWER.  How will John Kerry Heins feel when IRAN DOES NUKE the United States and half his GOVERNMENT BUDDIES and their FAMILIES are dieing a slow death because he SOLD HIS AMERICAN BALLS ?

If he was a MAN, He would have walked away from IRAN years ago and let the BOMBS DROP and remove them from the table that way. I do not care what some deranged Muslim thinks of AMERICA, I want AMERICA SAFE from NUKES, IRAN AND GOVERNMENT. John Kerry Heins on the other hand is just a little PUNK  in a very dangerous man’s world.


Dierks Out:This is covered by the FIRST AMENDMENT and protected by the SECOND AMENDMENT.

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