If you see a terrorist, DROP THE TERRORISTS

Sad to see the abnormal cast of homegrown terrorists and their backers attack the United States and what does the DOJ do?

Nothing, and what did you expect from a nigger from New York?

Can anybody tell me where it says I can’t stop a terrorist attack from happening, No matter who the terrorist is?

Who are the terrorists? It’s easy to figure out and who actually supports them BUT is never at the receiving end of the terrorists.

Under the anti white Nigger who is leaving the White House, It became a sport that Niggers would attack the White Community and then get help from the Nigger in the DOJ to keep them out of jail then attack the victim to cover up the Nigger’s crime.

Remember the 2 Niggers at the polling place threatening anybody White and what did the then Nigger in the DOJ do to stop them ?


Who says that the White Community can’t start a “Community Watch” and keep all the Niggers out of their community like the Niggers have done for years to the White Community?

Why should any member of the White Community bow down to a Nigger who gets a free pass to attack the White Community?

Form your own Community watch and protect the White Community, and remember to vote White every chance you get.

Dierk’s out: This First Amendment ARTWORK is protected by the Second Amendment.

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