If you see a muslim, CALL THE POLICE!

Yes you read that correct, If you see a muslim, Call the Police FAST! We know what muslims do besides sucking up all the Welfare, EBT programs, Besides walk around like they are better then their favorite Camel Shit, THEY BOMB ANYTHING AMERICAN while this Government is paying them to do so!
Since all muslim men are Gay and beat their WIFE and MOLEST CHILDREN, ANYTHING you see that makes you feel the least bit UNCOMFORTABLE, You call the POLICE and give them a discription of what the Child Molester is wearing and that if he looks the least bit fatter then a American male model in NYC, He could have a bomb vest on.
By doing this, You will be saving lives. If you see something, SAY SOMETHING!

Dierk’s Out:This First Amendment ARTWORK is protected by the SECOND AMENDMENT.

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