If You Are White And Support The President, You Are To Blame

The president of the United States has invited a top terrorist from the well known terrorist group, Black Lives Matter, to the White House. This tells you a few things:

The President of the United States hates the Police.

The President of the United States hate America.

The President of the United States hates the White Community.

The President of the United States will do anything to make the United States a third world shithole of a nation.

The President’s view from where he has been almost all his life with personal security to assistants to do whatever he needs, This Coddled NEGRO does not live in the real world but a pampered one, Unlike the Taxpayers he has some control over.

He can say anything he wants and no matter how stupid it is, He has a very well protected First Amendment right to do so.

I feel bad for him and his family. I do and his may come as a shock to my many readers out there. This Negro has no clue what he will start soon with all his support for anything Anti American and Anti White. His support for Negro terrorists will start something real soon. Mark my words, A Shooting War will erupt when one of his Government backed Anti American Negro group attacks the wrong White Person. The Negro will make sure there are safety in numbers and have many more welfare paid , ebt feed anti Americans negros in their group before they attack a White Person. The Proud White Person will pull out his Second Amendment right and drop a few and keep going round after round until all scatter…..BUT this time with a large group of Members of the White Community in TOW after them. This won’t stop BUT the Media and Government will protect the Negros at all cost instead of reporting the truth. Even if they investigate and have video tape of the Negros attacking the White Community, The MSM will always fall back to attacking the White Community and give them the blame.

Would you blame a group of members of the White Community coming together to protect their community from the Attacks of the Government backed irresponsible negros?

Who said that the White Community can’t protect and defend themselves from the Negros like the Negros do?

What it comes down to is that the Negro President will start a war in the United States and he and his family will be in the middle of it. Good Luck to him. He will need it. If you are White and help or support this negro President, YOU ARE TO BLAME.

Dierks’s Out: This First Amendment Artwork is protected by the Second Amendment.

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