If Government Had To Live Like Americans.

When Government runs government for personal gain over a Nation’s security, We have a out of control Government that will sacrifice Americans.  How many times have you shook your head at what Government does and you say “How stupid can you be for doing that?”. It seems that Government has no common sense to figure things out and drag their coddled asses to make decisions on anything. The reason is that somehow they are making money somehow from somebody who is paying them to make choices that will make others money over smart choices that would lower taxes for the American.  Americans are smarter then big greedy government when it comes to money BUT government thinks we are below them and are stupid and need to be told what to do.

     Good example I want to know who made what from the Iran deal for lifting the sanctions that was placed on them even when they are chanting “Death to America”,Burning our flag and saying they can’t wait to NUKE America, Kerry gave Iran everything they wanted and more and we will find out soon enough. Kerry also gave them some US Taxpayer money to help them. Now as a American with common sense I know Iran will use the money for terrorism. Government does not care because they have all the intel and security the need to keep them safe from almost anything Iran or any other terrorist state can or would do. What government does is always a calculated move to make them money and screw the American Taxpayer. Now what and how would you think if anybody in government had to “Play” by the same rules as the American Taxpayer?  Insider trading is LEGAL for Congress BUT not for the American Taxpayer. They also voted themselves out of the same unconstitutional ObummaCare that they are trying to force Americans to get at the point of a gun. Government has shielded themselves from what everyday Americans have to deal with BUT what if this all backfires on them? Let’s just say that since we all know that muslims worldwide want Americans dead, How about we point them to where our elected and government officials live and who there family is and where they live?  We all know that when something happens to government directly and they feel it, That is the only time government is fast to change something so they do not have to feel it. It does not matter who we elect into office, THEY DO NOT WORK FOR US, They work for themselves only. A good example is the Speaker of the house RINO RYAN just stabbed in the back the party and the people who put him there. He is laughing all the way to the bank. He does not care about your family but his bank account. Government does not listen to Americans, Since they have security, why should  they? What will get their attention real fast is when their own ass along with their loved ones feels the choices they make. Now we know for years that Iran hates America and want to bring Americans to their knees and not Kerry just gave them the tools to do it, How about we as Americans, Who government just put us all in greater danger, Put government and their families in the same danger? Level the playing field if you will. Government has all our information so why not the terrorists who look to do us harm have government’s personal information also?  Since government does not give a dam about your family’s security, Why should we gave a dam about theirs? Since Iran is a terrorist sponsoring nation who wants us dead and government will only protect themselves, How about we let Iran know where government keeps their families so the can thank them personally?
Dierks’s out. This piece is covered by the First Amendment and protected by the Second Amercement.
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