How to stop muslim terrorists DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS.

Lets face it, We know that the US Government supports the muslim terrorists and their attacks in the United States, and will continue to do nothing to stop them or their KNOWN MUSLIM TERRORISTS TRAINING CAMPS littering inside the United States AND muslims will not attact anybody in the US Government because thye know they support them. So how do you STOP the muslim terrorists dead in their tracks?

After every muslim terrorist attack inside the United States or if any American is killed anywhere in the world, BURN any mosque inside or outside the United States and burn the mosque that the muslim worshiped in TO THE GROUND, And hunt down their “HEAD PIG” and “Instruct them ” on the correct way to RESPECT Americans worldwide.

Next go find their friends in Government and know on their front door and demand they stop supporting muslims worldwide.

Do this after each attack and watch gov lose their minds and hopefully become a target of the terrorists muslims they support.

Dierks out: This Artwork is covered under the First Amendment and protected by the Second Amendment.

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