How To Be Your Own Island.

     I am going to say something that will make your head spin. I cut all my electric coming into the compound and closed out our electric account. I did this a while ago. I do not use any public generated electricity and I do pay one less tax every month. I do not like paying taxes so I look to do what I have to do to lower anything that has a tax attached to it when purchased. Lower taxes paid means more money in your pocket to do what YOU want to do with your money.  Your money is not Government’s money, IT IS YOURS. You worked hard for it so why not lower or eliminate bills that have a tax?  Government will hate you and government will hate me for what I am going to write on how I did it and what I did to my compound. If government comes snooping around my land that are trespassing and it would be like somebody breaking into a elected official’s home or office and finding information on how to prosecute them. Government would not like it if people did that to them and they work for us so I DO NOT WANT ANYBODY ON MY PROPERTY THAT I DID NOT INVITE.  If government or it’s employees want to go on a witch hunt, May I suggest you lock up and hide your family first as it will be done to you by somebody. 

    Government comes up with ways to increase your tax bill and it is my job to lower them any way I feel. Have you ever seen government lower taxes?

     On our Compound I built, Our electric bill was thru the roof. The first thing  did was catch LED bulbs on sale when they where expensive and buy what I could afford and put them in any heavy used light. This made a major dent in my electric bill. I do not want to pay any bills and want to be self sufficient as possible so I saved again and got a oversized back up generator on sale along with a diesel fuel tank. A very large one. I paid cash to have a trusted friend fill it. I ran it when the AC or heating units where being used alot till it dawned on my, I was still paying a electric bill! I looked into Solar Panels and what it took to build my own. I started putting them on one house at a time and watched my electric bill drop again. Between the generator and solar panels I was saving enough money to build a battery bank to now store energy from the sun. At this time I added a few small wind turbines and tied them into the controller to the solar panels to charge up my battery bank 24 / 7 and hooked all my back up generators so they can sense a drop in the batteries and charge them up again automatically. I was a Island and my electric bill became just a service charge to keep the account and that had a tax too so after I waited to see what bugs come up with the system where I would have had to switch back to the grid for power, I desired to cancel my electric bill account. I called and told them I was going to do some work and will have to turn off the power for a few months and cut my electric line and I would call them when I needed their service. I watched on my cameras as they took my electric line coming from the street, at the pole un hooked and hanging. I went to my roof and cut them there and that was it! I have no electric bill from some tax producing aka collecting company so they can’t tax me for what I am not using or hooked up to. This was mid summer when I became a “Island”, and so far with half the winter thru, Not even a blink in lights anywhere! We have no wires attached to the home and nothing on the poles coming off them to our Compound. I do not want anybody uninvited on the property and I do not want to hear the excuses that government use to step foot on the property to inspect what you own to see how high they can raise your taxes. Government and their employees are nothing more then a TAX COLLECTOR who think that because they work for the government, then can do as they please or they can use the power of government to get what they want. They have power but the people have more power. I have no trespassing signs all over and I openly carry on my property and I have video system that covers the compound walls and it is attached to a few clouds for a back up. This is my property and I do not want ANYBODY uninvited by me on it, That goes for Government too.  Yes they can fly over the compound and take pictures and all that crap but how can you see wind turbines painted black and mirrors on my roof?

Dierks’s out: This piece is covered by the FIRST AMENDMENT and PROTECTED by the SECOND AMENDMENT.

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