Government’s WAR on the Police.

What will Government do when "Do unto Government as they do unto the Police?"

Government’s WAR on the Police came to a spotlight when the Dummy Nutcase Commies stood up the NEGRO moms at their recent commie convention to show SUPPORT to the CRIMINAL INVOLVED NEGROS who where THANK GOD DROPPED by a POLICE OFFICERS AFTER BEING ATTACKED by a CRIMINAL NEGRO.

Bottom line, The Dummy Nutcase Negros SUPPORT the MURDER or the POLICE.

I support the Police and I make no bones about it. I PROUDLY SUPPORT THEM. I can not say the same with the commies in Government, As they will do NOTHING to keep the POLICE SAFE from their NEGRO TERRORISTS who they support. Ever notice how NEGROS can NEVER do anything wrong when POLICE and the WHITE COMMUNITY can NEVER do anything right?

Fuck their slavery excuse, I don’t care. Fuck all negro criminals and all who support them, Fuck the Government who will do anything to keep in power, FUCK the MSM who just write pro negro, pro minority, ANTI WHITE pieces they call “Reporting”.
Since the Government and the MSM have called for the deaths of all COPS and support it, I say this to them:

WHAT THE FUCK WILL YOU DO WHEN THE GUNS ARE TURNED ON YOU? Could you blame anybody who “Does unto them and their families as they have done unto the Police and their families?

You know that if any member of Government, MSM or their favorite left wing commie group comes under the same attack as they gleefully cheer on for the Police, Something real fast will be done about it.

The LEFT hate the POLICE until they are under attack and they need the Police. What if the Police took their time going to a call that involved Government official or the MSM? Why would they even show up? Who the hell is in control here? Why should the Police support anybody who wants them dead? Why should the Police support anybody who supports the shooting of them?

How about this ? How about I use the First Amendment right to speck my mind? How about


Dierk’s Out: This First Amendment Artwork is protected by the Second Amendment.

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