Government’s LOVE AFAIR with muslims and Illegal Aliens.

Government's love affair with muslims and illegal aliens

Government’s LOVE AFFAIR with muslims terrorists and Illegal Aliens.

     Government has shielded themselves from the Laws to Bills they pass. Good example is ObummaCare. They demand everybody must be on it EXCEPT themselves and their families. How many Members of elected Government live in Illegal Alien Third World shitholes they created here in the United States? How many have to put up with Illegal Alien crime?
     Government is PRO MUSLIM and PRO ILLEGAL ALIEN and the hell with everyday Americans who have to put up with them. Since Government Employees SUPPORT THEM and are IMPORTING THEM and raising your taxes to pay for them, I bet you MUSLIMS and ILLEGAL ALIENS are very happy and want to THANK ALL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES WHO SUPPORT THIS.  Why not? So to help the muslims and illegal aliens out and pointing them to who and where their Government supporters and their families live, May I suggest you publish your local Government’s HOME ADDRESS?
     Why not? I bet you muslims and illegal aliens want to say thank you in person to them and their family. Wouldn’t you? If you got free healthcare, welfare, wic,section 8 free housing and cash handouts, You would. Government could care less about your high taxes you have to pay at the point of a gun. They got muslims and illegal aliens.
Dierks’s Out. This piece is covered by the First Amendment and protected by the Second Amendment.
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