Government will not protect you from muslim terrorists:

4 bombs go off that where planted by muslim terrorists and the MSM is still trying to “Power Bull Shit” their way to spin this into blaming Trump for what muslim terrorist did on their own!

HilCon still can’t say the word muslim terrorists along with her muslim terrorists supporter BO. John “I marry for money”Barry who just somehow does not know how his daughter just got a no bid megga millions contract.

Do you think anybody in Government gives a dam about you or your family ? Do you think they give a dam about your safety when they have 24 7 security around them and imported muslim terrorists will never find section 8 housing in Martha’s Vineyard or the Hamptons?

Government, No matter what side, Does not give a dam about you or the United States but their own checkbook. They are in Government to make money at the expense of the American Taxpayer. When they wheel and deal to fatten their checkbook, If they run out of money, They just raise taxes higher and they send out the Brown Shirts or Goons to collect at the point of a gun.

Who will protect your and your family when the muslims strike? Not the Government but your local Militia.
Government is there to take your hard earned money called Taxes at the point of a gun or when they want to get re elected.

You are on your own without joining your local Militia.

Dierks’s out. This First Amendment Artwork is protected by the Second Amendment.

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