Government loves muslim Terrorists.

As government sits behind 24/7 security and bends over to kiss muslim child molesting ass, They are screwing the American left and right.  What do you think would happen if a group of people showed up at a Congressman’s front door and demanded to talk to them ? Nothing, They would call the Police and hide behind a door, BUT what about their families? How do you think a Congressman would act if you approached their family and friends and told them what YOU thought of their family member who is in government? It would rattle them and over time their friends would stay away from them and they would become a “Island of their own”. Even stopping them by getting in front of their cars so they can not move would slow them down and stop them from screwing the American.

By you stopping them and slowing them down, YOU are slowing down and FIGHTING the muslim goat fuckers who government supports. Yes I did say that, Government supports muslim goat fuckers over Americans. Government makes money from “Back door deals” they make with the muslim goat fuckers. Yes I did say that again. Government is making mega bucks off of people who want Americans dead in the streets. How do I know? Just watch Government not work or make common sense decisions that Americans outside of Government make every day BUT the “Worlds smartest people” Drag their ass and take their time to make any decisions. This is done by design to enrich themselves and screw Americans. Government does not give a dam about Americans other then making them their slaves. Just like a driver who drives below the speed limit and holds up traffic, The road in front of them will always be clear. Unlike a American who has to fight every day to keep Government’s nose out of their business.

Government does not care about terrorists attacking Americans BUT they will care when the musilm goat fuckers turn their sights on Government. That is when Government will claim to be doing the “People’s Business” but behind all their BULL SHIT, they are using security to HIDE from AMERICANS who they screw. No Americans or groups I know of are actively stopping Government any way they can. Government will always use FORCE to get what they want out of Americans and it’s time Americans do the same from Government.  Treat Government like they treat you. If they use force, You then use force.

When was the last time you protested in front of your local Government’s home or just handed out flyers on how they are screwing America and protecting muslim goat fuckers VIA deals done to enrich themselves? Government will always do what makes them richer and not what is best for America. Do you really think that giving NUKES to IRAN was smart or did sombodies daughter marry a IRANIAN?  Iran who chants “Death to America” every chance they get and We give them NUKES?  Where is the COMMON SENSE or did somebody in GOVERNMENT make money from this or did a Daughter get sold off to a Iranian? When the NUKES go off, I am sure we will find out then who made what from this deal to nuke America.

Government will only protect themselves and SCREW YOU.

Dierk’s out. This piece is covered by the First Amendment and protected by the Second Amendment.

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