Government is the White Communities problem.

Funny how the US Government FEARS the White Community so much that they will stop at nothing to stop a PRO WHITE COMMUNITY from forming. Government knows that they can not stop the White Community from forming a group UNDERGROUND and away from their eyes.

Why should the White Community play second fiddle to anybody out there?

Why should be have to watch our P’s and Q’s ?

How come Government loses their mind when somebody from the White Community defends themselves from NON Whites?

The Government know that the White Community when we group together, Their days in office and their Anti White Community VOTING is OVER.
The Government fears a group from the White Community DEFENDING THEMSELVES from the GOVERNMENT BACKED Negros and Illegal Aliens.

Let me make this very clear to Government: I support the White Community forming groups to DEFEND THEMSELVES by any way possible and keep their neighborhood negro and illegal alien free. I support a group of highly trained members of the White Community to Patrol their community and treat negros, illegal aliens and government as they have treated the White Community.
I support all PRO WHITE activity and I support hanging nooses everywhere as a WARNING to all negro criminals that they are walking into a Pro White Community and you screw with us your ass will be kicked.
I support all criminals being shot by the Victum under the victums rules of engagement and I support more members of the White Community to have a itchy trigger finger and a shoot first asked questions later when it comes to negros, illegal aliens and Government employees.

Lastly I support making Government employees live in the same shitholes and the negros and illegal aliens and 24-7 cameras on them all.

Don’t like what I wrote above all you SJW out there? Go FUCK YOURSELF.

Government is the White Communities problem.

Dierks’s out: This First Amendment artwork is highly protected by the second amendment.

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