Government Imported muslim Rape Gangs Headed To the United States.

RINO RYAN and Congress voted to fund importing muslims into the United States and forcing towns to make “Housing arrangements” aka Section 8 housing for them, To give them a place to live FREE. Yes I did say FREE and live off other Homeowners and Taxpayers in the area. The muslims that are headed this way only know one thing, and that is ISLAM and Sheria Law.  muslim “Refugees” do not respect any other law other then Sheria law. muslim Refugees are a spoiled brat bunch of cowards who expect to be treated like Kings. Before they arrived in Europe, They where told that they would be getting their own apartment and money from the government to live for free and that nothing would be expected of them, as they where muslim kings. The muslim refugees first thing they did was to make demands to government and when they where not met, They had a fit. What do yo mean I am not living here for free? Where is my free apartment that was promised to me back home? Where is my money? All this was told to them back from where they came from. They claim to be War Refugees but funny how only men of fighting age left their muslim shithole countries and came to Europe. No woman where in the hordes of muslim men running to Europe for their government taxpayer paid hand outs. Simple muslim men are a lazy bunch of pieces of mohammad shit. If they where leaving a Wartorn area, Why did they leave the woman behind? They left the Woman behind because they do not respect them. The common thought in the muslim communities is that “Woman are for babies, Children are for pleasure”. We seen what is going on with muslim men in Europe and how they are attacking and raping woman.Germany invited them into their country and look at the New Years eve attack of Woman by gangs of muslim men. Their excuse is that they where not dressed as muslims and they had perfume on so they where asking for it. Germany Government is covering up the muslim crimes and this is empowering muslims to rape even more. The German government is showing the world they picked a side and it was not the German citizens but the muslims. Government is using every excuse to use their MSM to protect the muslim men gang raping their way across Germany. muslims see this as a green light for them to take over Germany. German government thru their actions have stated it is alright for muslim men to gang rape as many woman as possible with full support of the German Government BUT if German Men stand up and protect the German Woman from the muslims , The full power of German Government will come down on them.

     This muslim crap is coming to America and even being IMPORTED to America with the GREEN LIGHT and VIA RINO RYAN, Government funding to bring them here and place them in Republican strongholds. This is being done by designed. Government thinks they have shield themselves from the American with 24 7 Security, They even think of themselves as kings and queens and they are better then Americans. They are not. Congress looks to keep their seats for as long as possible and will do it anyway possible including  making America a third world country. They are hard at work everyday making deals to fatten up their own personal bank accounts. Insider trading is LEGAL for Congress to do.  They do not care about America, They only care about VOTES for them to keep them in power. Importing and catering to muslims will bring them more power, Just like the Illegal Alien problem, In government’s eyes, The more the better.
     Can Government be stopped? YES it can. If you notice, No muslims have surfaced living next to any member of Congress. Congress will shield their families from them then hide behind government for protection.  Government will not feel muslim rape gangs, Only You.
     How can Americans stop the government backed muslim rape gangs from moving in and raping your neighborhood? Easy, Make Government’s families FEEL the effect of muslims being imported into America. Government wants the muslim rape gangs here so point them in the direction of your local government employee’s own home so the muslims can thank them and their families personally. If your local government employee’s family send their kids to college, Find out where also and let the muslim men know about it because maybe they may have friends by the school who want to thank them personally too. Why not ? Government is importing them here on TAXPAYER DIME so why not point the muslims to where their friends in government live?  I am sure the muslims will be very happy to come face to face with the people who imported them in to thank them. Why would they not want to?
     As per Americans, Protect yourself at all times and protect the Woman by you by any means you see fit to stop the muslim rape gangs being imported. Government does not care about you or your safety, They only care about themselves.
Dierks’s out: This piece of covered by the FIRST AMENDMENT and PROTECTED by the SECOND AMENDMENT
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