Government Does Not Protect Me.

I have been saying this for years. Government does not protect Americans but only their own hides. Congress is a perfect example. How fast do they move when it comes to voting themselves a raise or any other perk, BUT when it comes to keeping America great and make life easier for the American over taxed taxpayer, They drag their ass as you hold your breath.

Do you think that Congress or any big greedy government employee gives a dam about muslim terrorism if it happens or going to happen to a non government employee? They have all the taxpayer security to keep them and their families safe from terrorists. They think they are above you and the American Taxpayer is below them. They think that the American can not think for themselves and do not know how to keep themselves safe and how to protect themselves and what they choose to use to protect themselves. In short, Government  thinks Americans can’t think for themselves and Government has to do it for them.

They do not think for me and never will. They are not that smart to do so. They do not live in the typical American’s shoes. Anybody who’s net worth is a few million dollars and is legal for back door deals to make them money is just not a typical American.  So how the hell do they think I need help in choosing how to defend ourselves? Things always look different from a gated community. Most Americans who work everyday do not live in a gated community.  I choose alot of things and employ alot of security devices to protect myself. I also carry almost every second I am out of my property and I carry all the time when I am on my property. I have lots of firearms at my disposal to keep me and my family safe at all times, No matter when.

Government hates me and any American like me who just takes care of myself and does not depend on them. Depending on them makes them stronger. I do not want that and I do not want them to control me. Welfare and all the handouts are a good example. They are designed to make people slaves and to have them keep Government in power.  I am in power and not them. I don’t want anybody from Government telling me what to do on my property or anywhere I go. I can take care of myself.

Government can’t wait till muslim terrorists strike again on US Soil. They want mass casulties so they can have the media run to them and they Bull Shit to the cameras. We all know NOTHING GETS DONE EXCEPT THEY GET SOME PR. The MSM is their lapdog so they will never ask why Government did not stop  or protect Americans or dig deep to find out what Congress member is invested in something and he is voting a certain way to make their checkbook fatter. Never.

I am ready for almost anything a Government Backed Terrorist can toss my way.  I am ready to protect myself at my way of choosing at anytime. I return fire and government hates a American who can take of himself.


Lock and Load.

Dierk’s out.

This Piece is covered by the First Amendment and protected by the Second Amendment.

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